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Six generations, twenty-three characters and one very special piece of furniture

Tanya Ronder's thrilling play Table is an epic tale of belonging, identity and the things we pass on.


In 1898 master craftsman David Best makes a table to celebrate his marriage. In Tanganyika in the 1950s, the Bests’ missionary grand-daughter, Sarah, stands atop the table and voluntarily disrobes in front of the hunter who has saved her from a leopard attack. Later, Sarah and her son Gideon join a 1960s commune. And in south London in 2013, the globe-trotting Gideon finally confronts the family he abandoned years ago to discover a likeable brat in a flamingo pink tutu spouting Mandarin Chinese.


Through it all David’s table is the centre of family rituals, meals and secrets, where couples have sex, where children play, where a corpse is laid out, where songs are sung and names are carved deep in to its grooves. Each mark is a point in time, each scratch a moment lost but not forgotten.


“Highly inventive and often touching”


“Tremendous… richly textured”

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Mercury Fur
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Mercury Fur

Do you mind if I have a quiet sit-down and a cup of tea? I’ve just been to hell and back.

— The Telegraph

Set in a post-apocalyptic version of London's East End where gang violence and drugs terrorise the community, the protagonists are a gang of youths surviving by holding parties for wealthy clients in which their wildest, most amoral fantasies are brought to life. As the wheels start to fall off their slick operation, the gang ultimately have to decide how far they’ll go to save the ones they love and preserve their humanity.

Philip Ridley’s controversial play MERCURY FUR is a violent premonition of a terror stricken world where only the faintest heartbeat of humanity remains.

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Rattus by Elias Jamieson Brown

“You can kill anyone’s god in a minute.”
Mariah and Gerard are standing in a hotel room, surrounded by strangers living in rooms above and below them. Gerard’s son is lying in a hospital bed somewhere shitting black and praying. Gifts are secretly given, rats multiply and morality gets a kicking.


This new Australian play has a chip on its shoulder that probably needs confronting.

March 20 - April 6 2019

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